How are we doing?

It’s been a very long time, since we have posted here the last time…actually it’s been exactly four months! Wow, time flies! However, we have not disappeared anywhere regardless of our long break from the blog.

Our previous post was written in the end of June, just before our summer holiday was about to begin and before we finally got together again with H. A lot has happened since the summer and we would have so much to tell! We have been both very grateful that we are now together again, however, the time after my return hasn’t been only roseate. Since I came back home I have had quite a lot of worries and stress in my personal life, which has affected our life and relationship to some extent, unfortunately.

I would like to get back on track with regular blogging again and I hope that there’s still some of you left following our story and with whom we can share our D/s life and stories. I hope we can soon tell you, for example, how we have started with our everyday D/s and how our D/s relationship is doing at the moment.

miss L


Lately H has given me some daily homework. The recent homework that continued for a certain time period was to provide him pictures of me according to a different theme that he gave me everyday. A few days ago H gave me another kind of homework, a written one, where he asked me to list the top 3 sexual things that I would like to discover/improve/develop/learn the most during the next 6 months.

Here comes my TOP 3 -list:

1. Dealing with pain

It has become clear that I have started to crave all the time more and more pain and that H hurts me more. I have started to really love it and that is something that really turns me on. This field is also something that I would like to discover more during the next 6 months and this definitely deserves the first place in my list. I would like to see how much pain I can really handle and discover more where my limits are with that. I absolutely love the mixture of pain and pleasure, but we haven’t had for example super hard spanking sessions yet where the pleasure part is not involved. I’m kind of curious to discover would that be something that I could enjoy the same way as I enjoy when H spanks and fingers me at the same time. The feelings cannot obviously be compared, but I would like to see if I could get different kind of pleasure out of pure hard pain. But I don’t know yet, if this is something that we should begin to discover with combining pleasure to it too?

2. Pleasing him with my mouth

H loves to train and fuck my mouth, but I have never been super confident in giving blow jobs to him. I know that I have improved my skills but I would really like to improve these skills more and to also learn to know what pleases him the most. I am a perfectionist in nature and I want to learn the most perfect way, somewhere in the middle is not enough for me. And the more confident I am to please him with my mouth, the more I will enjoy it too.

3. Be more disciplined

The third thing that came strongly into my mind when thinking about my list is that I would like to learn to be more disciplined. This does not apply only to sex, but I still wanted to include it into my top 3. I would love to learn to obey him the best possible way in every situation and be available for him whenever. My thinking here is that whenever H asks me to do something, sexual in this case, especially when I don’t expect it or I’m not really in the mood, I would love to learn to be better available for him meaning that I would be just happy to please him and do what he wants me to do without hesitation regardless of the situation.

x miss L

Some thoughts about everyday D/s

H wrote in his last post how our time apart will come to an end in less than two weeks when my time abroad ends and I will move back home again after nearly six months of being away from there. This means that we can be normally together again and we can start exploring the aspect of everyday D/s in our relationship, which is something that we both want. We have been discussing the topic together and in his last post H wrote about some of his ideas of how everyday D/s could be present in our relationship. I really look forward to moving back home and starting to explore the everyday D/s together. Actually I’m very curious and very excited about it!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how I actually crave for the everyday D/s to begin and that has also surprised me a little. I cannot wait to start exploring what will work for us and what will not. Since I’m rather new in the lifestyle I have been thinking a lot about how it now feels so natural to me and how I want to explore it all the time more and more. Being together with H and exploring BDSM has actually explained many things to me from my past relationships and what I would have wanted back then but I couldn’t connect it to that.

Most of the ideas that we have been talking about everyday D/s are non-sexual, but the more we talk about them I notice myself getting turned on about the various ideas. This is extremely interesting topic to me, because I feel that when we will start exploring it properly, I’m sure I will learn many new things about myself. In addition, it’s also interesting how I sometimes react to these things. For example, sometimes when H suggests me something I can be first completely against the idea, but when I have got a little time to think about it, it can turn out to be something that I really like.

At the moment I don’t have any concrete ideas of what I would really like to be part of our everyday D/s. Even though H is the one who will mainly decide about these things, he has still told me that if I have any wishes I can tell about them to him any time. And since everyday D/s has not played a proper role in our relationship yet, we will agree together on the things that we are going to try out. H never forces me to do things that I oppose. There have been some thoughts on my mind lately regarding everyday D/s and I have been thinking that are they just my fantasies at the moment or something that I would really like to try out. More importantly, I have started to think about the reasons behind my thoughts and where do those thoughts come from. For example, when we have been talking about everyday D/s with H, he suggested once that he might want that I would for example kneel in front of a dinner table and ask his permission to sit in the table or to kneel in the bedroom and ask his permission to come to bed. When I heard this for the first time my reaction wasn’t very positive. First I thought that it would be very humiliating, especially the idea of kneeling in the kitchen before being allowed to sit in the table. However, this specific suggestion has been a lot on my mind lately and the more I think about it the more I’m attracted by the idea. I’m even getting a bit wet when I’m thinking about the idea at the moment. I would consider that having a routine like that (or something similar) in our bedroom would be a good way to start and see how it feels like. I haven’t even told about this specific thing to H yet.

Other specific thing that has been on my mind lately is that H would also want that later on I would wear only his panties (= panties that he has chosen for me). At the moment I’ve got a few pairs of panties that he has bought for me and usually he wants me to wear them when we are together. H’s taste concerning panties is: the smaller the better. However, what comes to my underwear, panties are the thing that he really cares about. He doesn’t have any specific taste what kind of bras or other underwear I should wear – panties are the thing. Sometimes I would really like him to decide that I should wear some specific kind of underwear for him and now I don’t mean only panties. Lately I have been also thinking that I might want him to decide sometimes what I would wear. Maybe not pointing out specific clothes but more like setting me guidelines of what I should wear. We both know that at least at the moment this could not happen on a daily basis, because I like to have the freedom of deciding what I wear, because I’m pretty precise with that.

I know that H might be quite surprised when he will read all this and I don’t know myself either where these thoughts really come from. We are living interesting times. I’m sure we will write a lot more about the topic later on when we will start exploring all this for real :)

x miss L

Less than 3 weeks to go before everyday D/s can begin..

Those who follow us know that we have had a long time apart, miss L has been abroad for nearly 6 months but in less than three weeks we will meet for a two week holiday together and after that she is moving back home!

We are both very excited about it! Not the least about the possibilities of developing our D/s relationship in everyday life together. We have already discussed the type of 24/7 aspects we both feel comfortable with. None of us have had that type of relationship before, the 24/7 is new but we are both drawn to it. Not 24/7 as in a Master/slave setting, miss L is not my slave and will never be. She is my submissive but we feel that our D/s should be constantly present as much as possible, both sexual and non-sexual ways. It will be very interesting to see the shape of that, how it will develop. A few things I’m pretty sure I will introduce :

  • Morning spankings every day even when there is just time for very short session.
  • I will introduce a regime of miss L having her pubic hair removed by sugaring once a month instead of shaving.
  • I’m working on a system of subtle signals that will allow me to remind her of her position in public (at a restaurant I will for example spread my fingers very discreetly. That means she should spread her legs under the table). Since we have a strict policy on non-humiliation, especially in public, the signals will be quite “innocent” in nature. Symbolic and emotional rather than sexual.
  • Position training : I will enforce a system where miss L takes one of a few pre determined positions whenever I tell her. We will work on those positions until she can hold them perfectly for a longer time.
  • Along the same lines of position training I will start working on eventually eliminating any sense of shyness about her body infront of me. I want her to be able to expose any part of her body to me immediately and without any hesitation at my request.

Obviously me being able to use her body as often as I like will lead to much better sexual and pain training too, but that is more familiar territory to us :)

I would love to hear ideas/stories from our dear readers: how does D/s take part of your everyday life? What kinds of rules and rituals do you have in place? 

Another aspect that has developed over time is that I feel we are committed for life, so building our relationship in a D/s sense can be slow and progress with leisure. We are building for life, so to speak, and whatever we build should have stable ground. I’m more confident then ever about this. Our communication skills have gotten much better over time and a deep trust has been established. This is especially important since I introduced miss L to D/s and BDSM, I started very slow and patience and timing has been very important. I’m sure this is one of the most important reason she has grown to love BDSM.  For me this journey has been no less fantastic. I have never felt the kind of love I do for miss L, and since we can express that through D/s too, the picture is complete. The feeling of dominating miss L, a girl for whom I feel such deep and true love, is like nothing I ever experienced before. Sometimes it’s even too overwhelming!

Now that this “new life” is drawing close, I have noticed myself having a constant feeling of excitement. And I do mean constant. Even when I’m having extremely busy and hectic workdays there is a small part of me always aware of what to come.

It is amazing and truly a blessing of magnitude to be able to experience these feelings. I.Can’t.Wait.

Lovely submissive feelings

In summary: Rope bondage is definitely in my TOP 3 -list of favourite foreplays. I had nearly forgotten how amazing it feels. In addition, I’m just so much in love with H!

As we both have been quite silent in the blog lately, we did not have a chance to tell that we spent last weekend together with H when he came here to visit me. H came here last Friday pretty late in the evening. Even though I had waited for him to come here so much, it felt a bit strange at first that he was here with me. Don’t get me wrong, it was just lovely and I couldn’t have been a happier girl, but I always need a little bit time to get used to the situation that it is actually real.

After a while the situation normalised, we begun to really enjoy ourselves and we took advantage of the amazing fact that we had privacy for us in my place and, more importantly, we were together again. The attraction and sexual tension between us was quickly in the clouds. Regardless of that H made sure and asked me, if I was ready to continue further – such a loving and caring man and dominant as he is. And oh yes, I was completely ready for him.

H had brought some rope with him and he spent a long time just tying me up and caressing me at the same time. That felt just so good and it got me so wet – I absolutely love that feeling! I don’t even remember when we would have had a long rope session like that the last time! H tied me a rope harness which he continued between my legs and he also tied my arms behind my back. While H was caressing me all the time while tying me, I love the moment when he touches my pussy for the first time and feels how wet I am for him. I always cannot wait for that to happen, because I’m also very proud of that – I cannot really explain that. That could probably be compared to the feeling that I get when I cum for him. Tying is also one of those things that builds a magical connection between us. Again, I cannot explain how committed that makes me feel. I’m always so amazed how I’m even able to feel anything like that.

When we haven’t seen for a long time, it is always very difficult for me to stay patient. To be honest, patience isn’t really my strongest attributes overall! In this context it often means that, in those situations, I would really like H to take me right away. This is exactly how I felt last Friday night and as I thought that he was finished with tying, he continued with a new thing. However, I’m very happy that he had the patience for doing all that, because that naturally just increases and intensifies our pleasure.

After H was finally finished with tying, he pushed me to the bed. I had my hands tied up behind my back and he put my face towards the bed and he wanted me to raise my ass up for spanking. After he had been spanking me a little, he let me suck his lovely cock. We moved on and on…he slapped my face, breasts and clit hard while also kissing my nipples (!). In Berlin I carefully asked him, if he could sometimes lick and kiss my nipples. Not kinky at all, but I really like that and I love that he has done that since then. But more than that I really love it when H is slapping me all over! Nowadays, the harder the better! Eventually, he came inside me and fucked me intensively. No words can really describe how that felt. That and the whole session was so hot, intensive and beautiful. What a perfect Friday night!


It takes still 28 days until we will be together again and our time apart will come to an end. Finally! I began to write about that, but I got a bit carried away…