The turn of the year has made me think a lot about last year. When I started to think about my last year more closely I realized how much has actually happened to me and that puts a smile on my face! This is mainly due to the great reason that last year in May we started our relationship with H. These eight months that we have been together have been wonderful and given me a lot. I couldn’t be happier girl!

As said, this year has given me a lot of new, unexpected and surprising experiences and I have discovered so much new about myself! This discovery feels like pieces are falling into their right places, however, it has been a huge thing for me and I will definitely write more about that later. I was talking about this to H at New Year’s Eve that how can something that was so new to me back then feel so natural today. With this I mean mainly BDSM, being a submissive and being in a D/s relationship. One good example of this and how our relationship has developed is that we have been discussing a lot about making our agreement and on Wednesday we actually started to make a draft of it. It felt good to start actually writing it, it felt more concrete than just talking about it. However, I couldn’t stop thinking while doing it that these kind of things are something that I didn’t even know of a year back. And now I was in a situation of happily drafting one with H and that felt honestly very good.

When thinking about last year it also gets my thoughts into this year that will also bring a lot of changes, also to our relationship. I’m leaving soon abroad for a longer period of time, which will naturally bring changes to our relationship for a while. Even though I’m quite distressed about my leaving I’m still very curious of seeing what this year has to offer for us. I’m so happy with H and I feel all the time more and more committed to him. Couldn’t be a nicer beginning for a new year!!



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