By now I haven’t seen miss L in the flesh for close to a week and while we have had even longer times apart before this feels quite different. She is in another country after all. Though we both knew it would be hard it has been…well, harder. The plan was that I would go visit her in the end of February, more than a month from now but we decided that is just too long, so yesterday I booked tickets to fly over in less than two weeks (yay!). I’ll still do my later visit too and it will only be for a short weekend but it feels totally essential. Luckily Europe is not THAT big.

We have been facetiming quite a lot (thank GOD for Facetime!) She has been quite sad and it breaks my heart to see. Facetime has enabled me to give her at least some measure of support.
I do feel that the caring & emotional part of D/s has been helpful for us to some extent even if it is on a subtle level. As miss L mentioned in her last post her daycollar has been comforting her and for me the agreement we wrote as well as the deep trust we have is a big help. I’m planning some daily routines and training for her to keep the D/s relevant and alive but up until now things have been a bit too emotionally messy to implement anything and I want her to focus totally on settling in and get comfortable in her new “home”.

At the moment I am counting the days until I can see her. The weeks before she left we spent a lot of time together, it was really great and it’s gonna take a while to get used to not having that.
I’m missing her a lot and really can’t wait to have her around again, on her knees or otherwise :)


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