There are many new and wonderful things that I have got to experience with H (I’m one lucky girl!). One of the surprising discoveries that we have made during our time together is that I’m apparently a squirting girl. I have squirted a couple of times with him before but last weekend something pretty amazing happened! H had talked on Friday that he should spank me properly during the weekend, because we hadn’t seen for a long time and we won’t be able to see at least for a month after our weekend. Well, his talk about spanking made me think a lot about it and I really begun to wait for it to happen.

On Sunday we were in bed kissing when he asked me to go on all fours. I did as I was told and he started to spank me while fingering me at the same time. This is something that I absolutely love and that really turns me on!! During that pretty hard spanking session I could feel that I begun to squirt and after a while I squirted out a great deal of liquid! I naturally couldn’t see it because I was on all fours when it happened but I could definitely feel it! It felt like the liquids came out in a similar way and power as water comes out of a water gun for example. I really wish I could put the feeling into words! One of my legs was completely wet and so were the sheets!! Wow. I really left my mark there. When I have squirted before it has usually happened in some bondage situations but this was the first time when it happened while spanking and the way it happened was truly amazing and unreal. It is also very interesting how squirting like that still feels quite different for me from getting an orgasm….but that is another story and deserves its own post.

I’m again so amazed how he can make me feel like this. I know that this sounds corny, but it feels very magical…and what we have between us is something very special.

PS. Our weekend together was just lovely and it made me so happy (if that didn’t come out clear yet, heh)! I love him so much!


9 thoughts on “SQUIRTING GIRL

  1. so you’re a squirter….my master has requested that i squirt for him on our next meet-up. I must confess i have only squirted once before – a long time ago – but not since. I’ve read a lot about different techniques (my master wants me to squirt with him – without any help from him) – so fingers crossed!

    • Yes, apparently so, but I don’t have any control over it. I’m always very surprised if it happens. If I was asked to squirt, I know that it would be very challenging for me. I need to feel very relaxed in the situation, meaning that I’m only enjoying the session and don’t have any pressure that I should squirt for him. I’m also pretty sure that I couldn’t do it without his help, at least now. But of course we are all individuals and work very differently. Good luck!

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