I’m clearly in a posting mood today. But there are happy news to share!
I just bought tickets to go see her in the end of February.Yay! Already looking forward to it very, very much!

This time around I do need to consider my packing practice though, especially as the first part of my travel as a business trip with colleagues.
Last time I did rather carelessly pack my Hitachi Magic Wand and a bunch of rope in my hand luggage (I prefer to travel without checked luggage if at all possible.) As part of me likes to shock and I’m quite open about my sexual orientation I had already imagined the situation that my bag would be searched. When passing through security on my way home I saw the guards gathering around the screen. One of them was pointing and giggling, the others scratching their heads. What then played out was this:

Security guard : You still have some kind of electronic equipment in your bag, Sir?
Me : Yes, its a vibrator.
Security guard: Oh, ok then we can just re-scan your bag, no need to open it here.

Awesome guard, huh? Still, it’s not something I would want to go through with my colleagues and possible customers around.
I’m afraid miss L will be a little disappointed that the Hitachi wont be traveling with me this time around..but maybe I can pick up something new on my trip:)


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