We are about to see with H next Friday when he is travelling here to see me!! It’s been very long four weeks between us. We haven’t been in touch that much during the past few days, because H is currently on a work trip and he is all the time super busy! His work has also been very hectic before this work trip and I have honestly felt a bit sad about that, because we have basically been in touch with only texting a little. However, today the content of our messages became quite sexual and the sexual tension between us seems to be very high!

I’ve been having very horny and submissive thoughts continuously in my head yesterday evening and today especially. In addition, I have been feeling such a strong commitment and urge to please him. I love this feeling and I’m so happy that I’m able to have this amazing connection with him even though we are apart. Lately I have felt like touching myself a lot too and I’m very happy that I’ve got the freedom to do that. Today my horniness got really bad and I really felt like touching myself and having a day session on my own. I was supposed to do some work at home, but I simply couldn’t concentrate on anything else than thinking about H and his messages didn’t really help me! My nipples were so hard all the time that they were nearly hurting (and they actually still are!), I was so wet (!) that I could feel liquids running down and I felt just so horny! I told this to H and he said that I should have a session for him and he wanted me to come for him. I did as I was told and oh, it felt good!! I might even have another session with myself before going to bed.

Usually when I’m touching myself here on my own, I have noticed that most of the times I don’t feel like coming, because I want to come for him when we are physically together. I absolutely love to come for him and one of the things that really turns me on is the moment when I’m close to come and I ask his permission for it and he allows me to come and says “Come for me, baby”. Ah, I wish I had that sentence recorded with me here, heh! The orgasms that he gives me are always so strong and I can’t wait to enjoy many of them when he is here and I can’t wait to give him many of them too.

As we both seem to be super horny, we will still have one little problem that is privacy. As I don’t live alone, I’m thinking how are we going to have privacy for our sessions? This is tricky but I’m sure that we’re gonna figure something out! One of the first things that I would like to do when he comes here is to kneel in front of him and then ask his permission for sucking his cock. Oh, I can’t get that image out of my head…I think I’ll go to bed now and think even more about it….

Good night & dirty dreams!



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