Yesterday I wrote about our dirty chatting with H and when things got to the point where he said that I should do a day session for him, he also said that he would love to see how wet I am for him (but it wasn’t a demand). I think this was actually the first time he asked me to take a picture like that for him. As hot as this sounds and as I really would have wanted to show him how wet I actually was, the idea of taking that kind of intimate selfie feels still very uncomfortable for me. Yesterday I could back up from this with a good excuse, because it was that time of the month for me.

As I said, I also find the idea hot and sexy, and I would really like to do that for him, but there’s just something in it that makes me feel very uncomfortable with it. It is quite funny that he has taken a lot of nude pictures of me in all kinds of positions and I can’t take one single picture for him? A bit funny, isn’t it? I also know that, if I did it, he would be very surprised but extremely happy at the same time I guess. 

So, I was just wondering that can you take intimate selfies feeling comfortable and confident? Or, is it something that you get used to and learn to like along the way? If there’s someone reading this, it would be great to hear your thoughts on this topic.


9 thoughts on “INTIMATE SELFIES

  1. I guess for me it was I knew it would make him happy. But never again. Just make sure you call trust him. Trust is a big thing

  2. I enjoy providing a picture or two. Anyway I can please I like to do it. I’ve taken selfies but I also had my very best friend help and take a few pictures for me. Getting good angles and what not. I think it’s defiantly a confident booster!

    • Hi and thanks for your comment! H has taken quite a lot of pictures of me and I agree with you, it is a confidence booster, at least most of the times (I’m very critical towards my own body etc.). But taking a pic out of your most intimate area is something that I’m not used to and would feel confident and comfortable with it at the moment.

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