INTIMATE SELFIES: Follow-up from the D perspective

In her latest post miss L was discussing her emotional aversion to taking intimate pictures of herself. We both enjoy the sessions when I take photos of her (well, maybe I enjoy them a tad bit more than she does :)) so the topic was restricted to selfies.

After a few days my fantastic girl took courage and sent me some great pictures of her beautiful body, although taken from a distance. I found them incredibly hot and kept looking at them, equally excited by her body and by her will to please me.

A day or so later we were doing our dirty texting again, something we btw have found really hot and at least providing some small bonus to being apart, and she did send a proper close-up of my pussy in the end, totally on her own accord.

As much as that excited me sexually, it made me feel proud of her more than anything. Proud that she overcame the issue and that her eagerness to please me trumped her shyness about photographing herself.

Of course the issue is not really only shyness but a body / self image issue that goes deeper and that unfortunately haunts so many girls, my girl included. Often it astonishes and angers me how it’s possible that our society has managed to convince her that she is flawed and worthy of criticism. Don’t get me wrong, while I think everyone has the right to look the way they want I have specific taste and get turned on by a very fit body. My girl happens to have a incredibly fit body, by any standards and just seeing her naked amazes me quite often.

I’m not gonna elaborate on that more, I only want to express how happy I am to have such a good girl and how incredible it makes me feel when she stretches her limits to please and obey me. The feeling when I sense her grow, go further, focus on pleasing me and place that on top of her list is the best feeling in the world to me. I also want to stress how great it feels to trust her : I don’t ever push for anything, once I express my will I let her take her time. And time and time again she comes through to succeed in pleasing me.
Good girl.


2 thoughts on “INTIMATE SELFIES: Follow-up from the D perspective

  1. This post makes me very happy. This was something I struggled with and still sometimes struggle with. My D-type and I aren’t long distance per se, but time constraints and other commitments keep us apart quite a bit. Sending him intimate pictures was hard for me at first… it takes a lot of trust and it can be very hard to move over that hump when you have underlying body issues.

    But this is beautiful… just one of the many brilliant moments in loving D/s relationships. =D


    • Nice to hear your thoughts, Fatal! I have to say that after taking those pictures for him I felt quite good in the end, especially when I saw how happy he got that I did it for him. I hope that next time he asks that, it would be slightly easier for me to take those pics. And, you are definitely right, you cannot overcome those issues with yourself in one night, it takes time…

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