Last Friday, exactly one week ago, the moment finally came when H came here to see me and we spend five lovely days together. It felt just so nice that now we actually had several days together instead of just one short weekend that goes super fast. H left on Wednesday and it made me very sad and I’ve been feeling quite empty and low after that. It feels just strange to not have him around when I nearly got used to it again, even though I naturally knew that his visit was limited to these days. 
Now I’ve been struggling with a positive problem that is I don’t know what to write, or better, where to start, because I would have so much to tell about our time together! It was full of love and happiness, we had amazing sessions and lots of good and deep conversations. In addition, we were just fully enjoying our leisurely days and the feeling of being able to be physically close again. We really took the most out of it and our time together was just perfect in so many ways! 
If I should highlight some moments/things from our days together, I would definitely mention 1) our amazing sessions, 2) my squirting, 3) my urge for more pain, and 4) the development of our relationship in general. All of these are big topics on their own and I try to write more about some of them in the upcoming days. I can tell you that this was only one scratch of our time together!
However, on top of all this and on top of my thoughts are the very strong feelings that I have for him. I feel just constant happiness and love with him and those five days that we had together was a great reminder of that. Also, I loved to see and feel how happy he was to see me and how he truly enjoyed our time together too. Oh, how happy girl am I! :) 

2 thoughts on “OH HAPPY DAYS!

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