One big change/development that has recently happened to me is the fact that I can handle pain a lot better than before and, more importantly, I have started to crave for it more and more! And, it’s obviously not enough that H uses me hard, I have begun to want him to use me even harder!

When we recently spent five lovely days together, we had such amazing sessions and he definitely left “his mark” on me. In one of the sessions he spanked me very hard while fingering me at the same time and I was in my all fours. This has become one of my favourite things – I cannot describe how much I enjoy this and how much this turns me on! Being in all fours while he is both spanking and fingering me has proved to be a thing that makes me squirt like a fountain and drench our sheets, exactly like this time! I don’t find it that surprising though. When H is giving me this great pleasure, I feel like I would be out of this world for a while! And, when this happens, you only wish that the moment would never end. 

My craving for more pain wasn’t limited only to spanking. I wanted him to hurt me harder when he was slapping my breasts, clit and face. I even asked him to hurt me harder during one of our sessions and I think that was the first time I actually asked for it (H, correct me, if I’m wrong). Earlier I have never dared to ask for it, even though I would have wanted to do that. It’s also a big turn-on to see the marks in my body after a rough use! ;)

I have noticed this development in me happening, however, it seems that H has paid a lot more attention to it than I have. This is interesting, because even though I have noticed this change, it doesn’t really surprise me – it honestly feels somehow quite natural to me. Interesting, isn’t it!


One thought on “SIR, PLEASE USE ME HARDER!

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