The day collar issue: part II

When H was here recently visiting me, we ended up going out and having a few drinks one night. During that night I told H a funny story about how one of my friends had ended up taking a nipple piercing. This was supposed to be only a funny story to tell him, but he actually got excited about nipple piercings and after a while he said “there’s your day collar”, and winked at me. He said that he would absolutely love the idea and would like me to have piercing in both of my nipples. I thought wow, my little funny story got suddenly a bigger meaning! We continued talking about the topic and then H asked, if I could imagine taking nipple piercings for him. I said that I could take the piercings for him anytime.

Wow, STOP here! What did I say to him?! 

Taking a nipple piercing is something that I have never even been really thinking about or that it would be something that would look good on me. After that evening we kept on talking about the topic a bit and I had also thought about it on my own and the more I thought about it, the more I got scared of what consequences my little storytelling had caused me! I really like the idea that I would have something permanent like that as a day collar and as a symbol of our relationship, and I would really like to do something like that for him. The more I thought about the idea, the more I started to think about how awkward it would be in front of other people, because there might easily come situations where other people, besides H, could see them. I know that I would be quite embarrassed, if people noticed them and asked questions why I have them, etc. Plus, I really like my breasts and I wouldn’t like to have anything in them that would make me feel ugly and uncomfortable. 

Today we were talking with H and he told me that he had been reading a little about nipple piercings and he was kindly asking how I still feel about the topic. I told my concerns to him very straightforward and he understood me and we agreed that we are going to think about it a bit more. After our talk I started to look for some images of nipple piercings and I have to say that it changed my opinion about them quite a lot and now I’m thinking that I could actually consider taking them for him. I think that they might look pretty hot and sexy, but I would be into taking some nice barbells instead of rings. However, I still need to give some time for this thought before deciding anything for or against it.

As I have told earlier, I have a day collar, but I have some issues with wearing it all the time. Now my relationship with my day collar is that I wear it only when I feel like it so I haven’t been wearing it daily.

Again, it will be interesting to see where this all leads! From now on I should obviously pay a lot more attention to what I’m talking to avoid these kinds of dangerous consequences! ;)


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