Thoughts about our new hobby aka blogging

Writing and working with this blog has become a new and common hobby for us in a short time. We both were excited about the idea when we started our blog in the end of December, but now, when we have actually started to activate with it, it has become even more fun! We have discovered that keeping the blog has turned out to be a very good thing for us, especially now when we are apart. The blog provides us an additional channel to share and process our thoughts and it is something fun that we can do together although we are apart. Keeping the blog is also one of the things that help us to keep our connection strong and vivid during our time apart.

Being apart or not, I think that it’s always super interesting to read what H is writing. In addition, I have personally discovered the blog to be a great way for me to write my thoughts down and process them properly on a regular basis. I always strive for writing as honestly and plainly as possible even although I know that H is reading my posts too. If I wouldn’t do that the whole writing thing wouldn’t make much sense. I’m very happy to notice that so far this has worked out great and I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work in the future either. H has even told me a few times that he appreciates my openness and honesty in my writing, and that’s naturally good to hear too.

Before we had our blog I used to keep a traditional paper diary where I wrote some of my thoughts down occasionally. Back then we both thought that writing would do good for me in particular to process my own thoughts and feelings, since the whole lifestyle was so new to me. I wish I had written the diary every day since the beginning of our relationship, because that would be so interesting to read now and even later, and look at my growth and development. As said, I never wrote my diary on a regular basis and I was always thinking that I should do that. But, better late than never, and that’s one of the reasons why this blogs exists now and I’m very happy that it does! Instead of having a blog of my own I think that it’s fantastic that we are writing and keeping this blog together and that this has become our thing :) I highly recommend blogging/keeping a diary to everyone who is not doing it already!

It’s also great that our common hobby/blogging isn’t limited only to writing, since we are also taking pictures together, which is always a project of its own. It’s a bit crazy how much time you can spend on getting just one picture that we are both happy with! We both pay a lot of attention to details and are quite self-critical. In addition, we both strive for perfect end results instead of just settling for something that is kind of okay, but I think that’s the way it should be too. For example, when taking the bondage ballerina photo, we had various versions of the positions, but still, capturing just the right angle, position, lighting, etc. into one image doesn’t happen in one second.

I really enjoy working with H, because we have usually pretty similar taste and preferences and we just work quite well as a team :) I also like that we are doing these photo projects as a team where I can equally share my ideas and participate in the whole process instead of just being the object that’s being photographed. I could imagine that we will do more photos when I get back home again. As we have told before, we have already taken quite a lot of pictures, but so far we have only published two of them here. It would also be interesting to hear how do you like our photos so far?

Even though I like both of the photos I was honestly quite nervous and concerned about publishing pictures like that of me online and I guess I still am a bit, because I have never done that before. However, now when I’ve seen some of those pictures so many times I get used to them in a way. Now I’m starting to be more and more proud of us and the pictures, because I think that it’s cool that we have done something like that together. I’m sure that our ambition and standards regarding our pictures will grow even more in the future! ;)


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