A few days ago miss L discussed her developing relationship to pain and noted how it’s changed over the time we have been lovers. To me the development has been noticeable but it still surprised the me last time we met. Those of you following our story know that when we started out together miss L was rather inexperienced in BDSM. We agreed on the approach that I introduce her very slowly. The first time we had a session that was more then passionate vanilla sex I realised that :”wow, yes! This might actually work out!”.

I had very gently and slowly massaged her, tied her softly belly down, spread-eagle on her own bed. I had made a very mild suede flogger a few nights before, especially for the purpose of giving her gentle pain sensations. I introduced her to my friend The Hitachi at the same time as I softly flogged her and made her cum for me (though I don’t think she thought of it as “for me” back then:). Afterwards she was a very happy girl, explaining to me what I had not dared to hope for. Miss L said: “that was amazing, the feeling of pain and pleasure mixing, I never felt that before in my life”. And I was a very Happy Dom.

During the first months after this I was constantly aware of her reactions. We have always been extremely attracted to each other and falling in love was unstoppable. This made me weary and worried that I might push her to far, that she might agree to something to please me, but it in the wrong way. Part of me could not believe I was so lucky, that introducing her to BDSM would actually work out. In fact, before we met I had sworn I would never again get involved with a woman that was not a self-professed submissive to begin with.

We continued our playing, we developed a more Dom/sub than Top/Bottom relationship. We went from discovery to discovery and many times I saw her looking up at me with “what-the-fuck-happened-I-can’t-believe-it-can-you-please-do-it-again” eyes. I tied her up and saw drips of wetness running down her thighs.

Analysing myself this is more then I could have ever dreamed of to happen in reality, to good to be true. Perverting and submitting such an extremely beautiful young nymph. It’s a dream come true if you are equipped with my brand of sexuality. I’m a fairly ethical guy, true consent is both a holy grail and a prerequisite. So at times the issues haunted me.

In hindsight I can see a point were I stopped worrying : we had discussions about a thing or another, I can’t recall exactly what but it led to miss L being honestly upset. “You don’t take me seriously as a submissive” she said. “You think this is just a game for me”. At the time I showed respect and reassured her that it was not the case. But it was to some extent, and her statements made all the difference in the world from then on. I stopped second guessing myself. I started to trust her ability to set her own limits completely.

Then came the five latest days we spent together. Our craving for each other has never been stronger and we built it stronger still with both very dirty and very loving texting the days before we met.. During the sessions we had there I could feel her yielding to me like never before and at pillow talk she confessed that she had never craved pain like she did then. Miss L might hate me for saying this this but she was joking that I might see her as sex-crazed at the time :).

Over-the-knee spankings with finger-fucking has become her favourite in our play, so of course I made a proper session out of that. I spanked her harder then ever before using only my hands ( added a bit of belt in the end :), made her squirt like nuts and never more honestly have I heard “Thank you, Sir” afterwards. More sweet, sweet, hard, hard roughness followed, days of it, and later we both nodded our heads in amazement at how his this thing just keeps getting better, when it was so fucking good to begin with.

After all the things we have been through, the crazy, amazing journey it has been to get this far. It was true. Laying down after a session, her head snug in on my shoulder I told her: “Who would’ve though when we met..you would become my perfect submissive, masochistic little girl”.

Note one: Awesome post on the subjective subject of pain by switch studies, do read.

Note two: Look how I have gone from making softest possible suede floggers to this made for over-the-knee spanking slapper. Looks almost like a Rebenque, no? Vintage leather and all. Can’t wait to have it bruise her butt!


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