Preparing rope and for the arrival of my girl

This morning I finally took the time to run all my ropes through the jojoba oil and beeswax paste I have been planning for quite a while. Now they are very slick indeed and they might get another treatment tomorrow. It was a joy. I always find it strangely relaxing to take care of my ropes and other BDSM related gear. And I have been a bit too busy with work lately so it did both me and my ropes a world of good to spend Saturday morning together. It’s also something I wanted to get done before next week when miss L arrives to spend almost a week at home with me!

In her last post miss L expressed her frustration with the loss of connection we have experienced during the past month. It has been troublesome indeed and I can say it over and over again : I never understood how hard it would be to be apart from her during her time abroad! While it is not a problem for me to stay committed and keep faith in our relationship it still hurts to feel the emptiness that is left when our connection gets weaker.

Of course it is helpful to remember that we are in a extreme situation. Lovers are not meant to be apart like this.

Our sexual connection has always been very important in our relationship and to not have it part of everyday life has been hard. To not be able to make her wet with my words as I’m used to has felt sad. But soon that is over, at least for a little while! As always when we know we soon will meet there is a boost in sexual energy. The other night we had a lovely Facetime call and I was telling miss L some of the plans I have for abusing her body once she gets here. For the first time in a while I could feel her respond to those fantasies and after the call she sent me a message saying : “I noticed that I actually got a bit wet after our talk. Oh, it feels so good”. Happy Dom.

I know that when we are physically close again sparks will fly and I will make good use of our time together! Once I have her here, have her tightly tied up in my newly waxed ropes, her butt red and freshly spanked, her wetness running down her thighs, on her knees begging to please me. Once I have her here, falling asleep on my shoulder, everything will feel perfect again.

Oh and btw. anyone interested in preparing their own jute ropes in proper Shibari style should absolutely read this Fetlife post by Peter Slemrian.


5 thoughts on “Preparing rope and for the arrival of my girl

  1. Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your Blog and thanks for opening your heart and sharing your personal experiences with others.

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    Ken’s Pet Slave Slut Mindy

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