Year ONE!

We both feel like bad bloggers since we haven’t posted anything for so long. Both our lives have been quite hectic but it feels like a very nice idea to try and recap what has happened since the last time we posted. We are still living in different countries, but now the time until miss L moves back home seems manageable, only about 6-7 weeks to go!

Last weekend we both travelled from our respective bases in life to meet in Berlin for 5 days of lovely physical togetherness! During that time we celebrated our anniversary of being together, a whole year has passed since we decided to give our relationship a chance despite the perceived challenges. And how lucky we both are now that we had the guts to just go for it! Its been just such an amazing time together and we have discovered that miss L fits perfectly within the dominant grasp of Mr. H.

Our love and commitment just keeps growing deeper and stronger and now that we actually can see the light at the end of the tunnel we have started to talk a lot about the times ahead, how we will develop our D/s when we actually have an everyday life together. Planning the daily training routines, dreaming of daily spankings, cuddle sessions with miss L on her knees and her head in His lap. Further down the track we are fantasising about our common home, how it should look like and how it should be equipped. A house with space for a dedicated playroom is not possible just yet so we will have to settle for a combined bedroom/playroom :)

Those of you who have followed our blog know that the collar issue has been a hot topic. Miss L has felt constrained in her day collar and the thick leather play collar Mr. H bought in the autumn made her feel degraded in a non-positive way. The collar is important to Mr. H but as he has learnt to be patient and willing to compromise in the education of miss L. Patience from both of us payed off when we found an amazingly beautiful stainless steel collar for miss L in Berlin. When we saw the collar and when miss L tried it on for the first time, it felt that is was a perfect match. Mr. H looked just so happy when seeing miss L in that collar and after a while he said to her “it looks so you”. Miss L couldn’t agree more. It felt like the perfect way to mark our one year together and almost like a sign. We had to share it with you, our dear followers, so here it is:


Now we are looking forward more than anything to a summer together. We hope that you all have a beautiful spring wherever you are!

Mr. H & miss L


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