Lovely submissive feelings

In summary: Rope bondage is definitely in my TOP 3 -list of favourite foreplays. I had nearly forgotten how amazing it feels. In addition, I’m just so much in love with H!

As we both have been quite silent in the blog lately, we did not have a chance to tell that we spent last weekend together with H when he came here to visit me. H came here last Friday pretty late in the evening. Even though I had waited for him to come here so much, it felt a bit strange at first that he was here with me. Don’t get me wrong, it was just lovely and I couldn’t have been a happier girl, but I always need a little bit time to get used to the situation that it is actually real.

After a while the situation normalised, we begun to really enjoy ourselves and we took advantage of the amazing fact that we had privacy for us in my place and, more importantly, we were together again. The attraction and sexual tension between us was quickly in the clouds. Regardless of that H made sure and asked me, if I was ready to continue further – such a loving and caring man and dominant as he is. And oh yes, I was completely ready for him.

H had brought some rope with him and he spent a long time just tying me up and caressing me at the same time. That felt just so good and it got me so wet – I absolutely love that feeling! I don’t even remember when we would have had a long rope session like that the last time! H tied me a rope harness which he continued between my legs and he also tied my arms behind my back. While H was caressing me all the time while tying me, I love the moment when he touches my pussy for the first time and feels how wet I am for him. I always cannot wait for that to happen, because I’m also very proud of that – I cannot really explain that. That could probably be compared to the feeling that I get when I cum for him. Tying is also one of those things that builds a magical connection between us. Again, I cannot explain how committed that makes me feel. I’m always so amazed how I’m even able to feel anything like that.

When we haven’t seen for a long time, it is always very difficult for me to stay patient. To be honest, patience isn’t really my strongest attributes overall! In this context it often means that, in those situations, I would really like H to take me right away. This is exactly how I felt last Friday night and as I thought that he was finished with tying, he continued with a new thing. However, I’m very happy that he had the patience for doing all that, because that naturally just increases and intensifies our pleasure.

After H was finally finished with tying, he pushed me to the bed. I had my hands tied up behind my back and he put my face towards the bed and he wanted me to raise my ass up for spanking. After he had been spanking me a little, he let me suck his lovely cock. We moved on and on…he slapped my face, breasts and clit hard while also kissing my nipples (!). In Berlin I carefully asked him, if he could sometimes lick and kiss my nipples. Not kinky at all, but I really like that and I love that he has done that since then. But more than that I really love it when H is slapping me all over! Nowadays, the harder the better! Eventually, he came inside me and fucked me intensively. No words can really describe how that felt. That and the whole session was so hot, intensive and beautiful. What a perfect Friday night!


It takes still 28 days until we will be together again and our time apart will come to an end. Finally! I began to write about that, but I got a bit carried away…


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