Less than 3 weeks to go before everyday D/s can begin..

Those who follow us know that we have had a long time apart, miss L has been abroad for nearly 6 months but in less than three weeks we will meet for a two week holiday together and after that she is moving back home!

We are both very excited about it! Not the least about the possibilities of developing our D/s relationship in everyday life together. We have already discussed the type of 24/7 aspects we both feel comfortable with. None of us have had that type of relationship before, the 24/7 is new but we are both drawn to it. Not 24/7 as in a Master/slave setting, miss L is not my slave and will never be. She is my submissive but we feel that our D/s should be constantly present as much as possible, both sexual and non-sexual ways. It will be very interesting to see the shape of that, how it will develop. A few things I’m pretty sure I will introduce :

  • Morning spankings every day even when there is just time for very short session.
  • I will introduce a regime of miss L having her pubic hair removed by sugaring once a month instead of shaving.
  • I’m working on a system of subtle signals that will allow me to remind her of her position in public (at a restaurant I will for example spread my fingers very discreetly. That means she should spread her legs under the table). Since we have a strict policy on non-humiliation, especially in public, the signals will be quite “innocent” in nature. Symbolic and emotional rather than sexual.
  • Position training : I will enforce a system where miss L takes one of a few pre determined positions whenever I tell her. We will work on those positions until she can hold them perfectly for a longer time.
  • Along the same lines of position training I will start working on eventually eliminating any sense of shyness about her body infront of me. I want her to be able to expose any part of her body to me immediately and without any hesitation at my request.

Obviously me being able to use her body as often as I like will lead to much better sexual and pain training too, but that is more familiar territory to us :)

I would love to hear ideas/stories from our dear readers: how does D/s take part of your everyday life? What kinds of rules and rituals do you have in place? 

Another aspect that has developed over time is that I feel we are committed for life, so building our relationship in a D/s sense can be slow and progress with leisure. We are building for life, so to speak, and whatever we build should have stable ground. I’m more confident then ever about this. Our communication skills have gotten much better over time and a deep trust has been established. This is especially important since I introduced miss L to D/s and BDSM, I started very slow and patience and timing has been very important. I’m sure this is one of the most important reason she has grown to love BDSM.  For me this journey has been no less fantastic. I have never felt the kind of love I do for miss L, and since we can express that through D/s too, the picture is complete. The feeling of dominating miss L, a girl for whom I feel such deep and true love, is like nothing I ever experienced before. Sometimes it’s even too overwhelming!

Now that this “new life” is drawing close, I have noticed myself having a constant feeling of excitement. And I do mean constant. Even when I’m having extremely busy and hectic workdays there is a small part of me always aware of what to come.

It is amazing and truly a blessing of magnitude to be able to experience these feelings. I.Can’t.Wait.


3 thoughts on “Less than 3 weeks to go before everyday D/s can begin..

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  2. We started with rules/guidelines/punishments and they worked well for a while. Now, we have just one rule: what he says, goes. The only thing that remains from our previous rituals list is that I ask permission before going to the bathroom and it only continues because it’s become so stuck in my head that I have trouble going without asking. I was sad recently when it was made official that our punishment structure was no more because I had the idea that he didn’t want to be D/s, but they are now gone because he was worried he would push too hard due to personal issues of mine. We are both more comfortable and content this way.
    Regarding your working on eliminating her shyness, please remember to go slowly and carefully. We have been together a year and a half and though my shyness is fading, it can still be a difficult area with a lot of triggers.
    I’m not sure if you’re physically together as of yet, but good luck and I hope things go well. It is an incredibly exciting time.

    Åsa x

  3. Thanks for commenting! Interesting to hear about your experience. Both me and miss L have an idea that routines and rituals will be enjoyable and helpful in developing our D/s. Since we started our D/s with with a very much sexual focus and that slowly has spilled into other parts of life it seems like a interesting experiment to work with clear rules. I have only punished miss L once and that was a pretty tough experience for both of us I wrote about that here, so I have a feeling she will do her outmost to avoid it.

    This is also my thinking, I want to challenge and push her to the right degree, setting her up for success and not failure. This also relates to the safe and sane part of D/s, it’s important to stay emotionally healthy and happy! I’m a patient man and I believe training will go on through out our lives.

    It seems you have very a considerate Dominant with the right priorities, I can relate to a decision like that and I’m sure it was the right one. Healthy D/s can be a very thin thread to balance on and I’m happy to hear you are content and comfortable!

    We are not together physically yet, but will be in 4 days! It is a exciting time for sure, and I for one hope that it stays like that and we can continue exploring and developing for a long, long time.

    / Mr. H

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