Lately H has given me some daily homework. The recent homework that continued for a certain time period was to provide him pictures of me according to a different theme that he gave me everyday. A few days ago H gave me another kind of homework, a written one, where he asked me to list the top 3 sexual things that I would like to discover/improve/develop/learn the most during the next 6 months.

Here comes my TOP 3 -list:

1. Dealing with pain

It has become clear that I have started to crave all the time more and more pain and that H hurts me more. I have started to really love it and that is something that really turns me on. This field is also something that I would like to discover more during the next 6 months and this definitely deserves the first place in my list. I would like to see how much pain I can really handle and discover more where my limits are with that. I absolutely love the mixture of pain and pleasure, but we haven’t had for example super hard spanking sessions yet where the pleasure part is not involved. I’m kind of curious to discover would that be something that I could enjoy the same way as I enjoy when H spanks and fingers me at the same time. The feelings cannot obviously be compared, but I would like to see if I could get different kind of pleasure out of pure hard pain. But I don’t know yet, if this is something that we should begin to discover with combining pleasure to it too?

2. Pleasing him with my mouth

H loves to train and fuck my mouth, but I have never been super confident in giving blow jobs to him. I know that I have improved my skills but I would really like to improve these skills more and to also learn to know what pleases him the most. I am a perfectionist in nature and I want to learn the most perfect way, somewhere in the middle is not enough for me. And the more confident I am to please him with my mouth, the more I will enjoy it too.

3. Be more disciplined

The third thing that came strongly into my mind when thinking about my list is that I would like to learn to be more disciplined. This does not apply only to sex, but I still wanted to include it into my top 3. I would love to learn to obey him the best possible way in every situation and be available for him whenever. My thinking here is that whenever H asks me to do something, sexual in this case, especially when I don’t expect it or I’m not really in the mood, I would love to learn to be better available for him meaning that I would be just happy to please him and do what he wants me to do without hesitation regardless of the situation.

x miss L


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