How are we doing?

It’s been a very long time, since we have posted here the last time…actually it’s been exactly four months! Wow, time flies! However, we have not disappeared anywhere regardless of our long break from the blog.

Our previous post was written in the end of June, just before our summer holiday was about to begin and before we finally got together again with H. A lot has happened since the summer and we would have so much to tell! We have been both very grateful that we are now together again, however, the time after my return hasn’t been only roseate. Since I came back home I have had quite a lot of worries and stress in my personal life, which has affected our life and relationship to some extent, unfortunately.

I would like to get back on track with regular blogging again and I hope that there’s still some of you left following our story and with whom we can share our D/s life and stories. I hope we can soon tell you, for example, how we have started with our everyday D/s and how our D/s relationship is doing at the moment.

miss L


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