He says mine. is the blog and diary of Mr. H and miss L. We are lovers and explorers of our D/s relationship and BDSM sexuality.

We started our journey together eight months ago coming from very different places. Mr. H had fully embraced his dominant and sadistic orientation and joined the journey with many years of BDSM experience. Before meeting Mr. H, miss L had no experience of neither BDSM nor D/s relationships.

From the beginning there was a strong physical and emotional attraction between us, but Mr. H had promised himself that he would never start a relationship where BDSM was not present. We quickly became close friends and had open and frank discussions about everything, including BDSM. After trying to be “just friends” for months, the attraction was too strong to ignore and romance was a fact.

Mr. H started gently introducing miss L into BDSM with the mutual attitude of “we’ll see how we go”. And well it went! After a few months of wide-eyed and surprising discoveries, miss L welcomed the D/s expression of love with open arms. Since then D/s has become a very natural part of our relationship and continues to grow deeper and more important.

We are now at a stage where we long for D/s to play an even bigger role in our lives and all aspects of our relationship.

Mr. H & miss L


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